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Woman whose home was accidentally sold at a tax sale

You will not believe this Scott woman's story. Her home was purchased in a tax sale which never should have happened.


Her home was accidentally sold in a tax sale which never should have happened. The chain of events began with a 2014 lien for grass-cutting of approximately $400 on an empty lot in Carencro, which was once jointly owned by Theresa "Kim" Guillot and her former husband. Instead of being placed on the Carencro property, the lien was mistakenly filed by the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office against Guillot's residence in Scott. This error enabled a real estate company from Duson to acquire Guillot's Scott property through a tax sale in 2015. Three years later, she received an eviction notice.

The 2021 legal case was presented to Judge David Smith of the 15th JDC. Kenny Hebert and Lance Beal, who is also advocating for Guillot, have requested the court to invalidate the 2020 decision, seek fair remedies for their client, and ensure that P&G covers the legal expenses and lawyers' fees. Richard Hiller, representing Grover and P&G, has likewise sought judgments against Hollis, Comeaux, and Lafayette Parish Sheriff Mark Garber.

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